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Make it in Europe

26 Mar 2010

I made it in Europe, so if I did you can do it too, let’s go!

When I left Kenya, I honestly didn’t think of having success in Europe. All I had in my mind was my Economics studies and the joy of joining of my mother who was already in Germany. People have the stereotype mentality of Europe being 'heaven'. We used to watch Hollywood movies and all those documentaries about the Western world and one would think "wow, what a place?".

While in Kenya, I lived in the countryside with my Grandma, experienced life in Nairobi at some of the most elegant states and lived in the Ghetto (Kariobangi North which is one of the most feared hoods in Nairobi). I was exposed to all different lifestyles; laughed with the rich and cried with the poor. The funniest thing was, regardless of where I lived, I left a trademark. Everyone simply knew who I was. I consider myself a very influential person. That’s why in my soundtrack for the documentary titled 'Surprising Europe', I clearly stated "I made it in Africa, I can make it here". Yes, I lived in the Ghetto, lived with the rich and I was shining. What can stop me from shining In Europe?

I can tell my story as a legal migrant in Europe. Unlike many of my brothers and sisters who live in Europe illegally, my documents were legit since day one. Right now I possess a German Passport which I applied for after a terrific experience at the Airport in Russia. This was the most horrific journey I ever had. I was booked in Minsk for a huge performance. After I arrived at the airport, the authorities froze me for nearly an hour, trying by all means to detect any irregularities with my Kenyan passport. They even tore the last page of my passport to check whether the passport picture was legit. Incredible! The excuse they gave was "Sorry. We have problems with none-Russian residents coming to our country without proper documents." That’s when I made up my mind to apply for a German passport to end up all the stress when I travel.

From my own perspective, one thing I would like to highlight is; you can make it in Europe. You just have to be smart, focused, hard working and determined to make it. It’s nice to share our negative experiences with each other but on the other it’s necessary to discuss how to make the best out of every negative situation. I don’t even look at racism as a major issue in Europe. Considering the rate of racist crimes in the United States of America, Europe is a safe heaven. But look what foreigners in the United States have achieved? This is my dream for my brothers and sisters in Europe.

From a Student, to a rapper and now an entrepreneur with his own clothing line, music label and a professional recording studio in Cologne, I can share my '50 Cent' of what it takes to make in Europe. During my interview for the Surprising Europe Documentary I said "If you coming to Europe be prepared for the worst". Bearing that in mind, one is psychologically prepared and armed. You are ready to face the worst so you act adequate when exposed to certain situations. Many people who leave Africa with 'high hopes' of making it in Europe find themselves depressed when things take a sour turn.

The Government has to do a lot to amend the foreign policy. Well these nations talk about racial integration but do less to support these projects. I am based in Germany and I consider this a major loophole. If more could be done about the foreign policy, create workshops as an example where people could learn more about other social backgrounds, then I strongly believe that racism could be reduced to a certain degree. So many African children born in Europe learn less about their social background and where they come from. Let me quote my lines from my track 'Surprising Europe': "How many Africans born here, don’ know the history, war, hunger , poverty and that’s all they know about the African history?"

To conclude this article, I quote my song 'Never Give Up':

“Never give up, Just keep on fighting/
Like a soldier, just keep on fighting/
Life is so hard, just keep on struggling/
All my people, let’s stay united/"


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