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Fortress Europe, a deadly exodus?

1 Apr 2011

A shocking interactive map by shows the numbers of immigrants that died in Europe, during their journey or their stay, since 1988.

The numbers, collected by the migrant organization United for Intercultural Action, show that the most frequent cause of death was drowning: 9964 out of 14037 in total. The country where most immigrants died is Italy with 635 casualties, possibly due to the fact that many immigrants get into Europe via Italian shores, like the island of Lampedusa. Owni mentions some other sad highlights:

    •    864 died from thirst and hunger. The majority were either lost in the desert or drifting at sea;
    •    Nearly 300 died from suffocation in a truck;
    •    254 were murdered;
    •    More than 250 were crushed while either attempting to cross highways or by falling off a truck;
    •    215 died from frostbite;
    •    Between 138 to 335 committed suicide by hanging, 4 died on hunger strikes and 33 by other means of suicide.



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