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5 Nov 2012

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Monday 5 Nov 2012 11:26 h


guys i think  europe is apromise land , why do u stay there when there is no promises?.

i believe in Bulaya u can make it too eg joing drug dealers,if u a at de end.

always thank God when u get into Bulaya for wat i call  heaven in earth

 even know  dis if u cannot fit in europe a restrictive land to

enter then u a dead . i call upon all ugandans and

africans atlarge to go in europe 2

hunt 4 green pasture

if u get a chance and pick yo freinds

and relatives iwish well in europe those who wish 2stay

i will aiso stuggle to go there after ma studies no matter

however much our friends infruates us istead of welcoming us!

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